1 year of a great experience of NATA long course. the teaching way, nature of our teacher Mr. Joshi sir, the facilities provided over here for the students, right from the tan of book to many other are just awesome. the first day sketch of mine and that of today has a drastic change, it has improved a lot credit goes totally to Joshi sir and the practice and the hard work he made us to do here, I have just not learned the things that a goanna come in exam, we’ve also been taught some extra skill that would be useful to us in our further architectural career. The outdoors, seminar arranged also helped us a lot to improve. This academy has given us a lot to remember a head and d one which is most memorable.... “ Ek gosht lakshat ghya.....Architecture madhe 2+2= 4 nahi hot “ A bigg thanks to u sir...

whatever u have taught us will always be with us till d end.... Thank u . SUGGESTIONS: - I don’t think this academy or its facilities need to change even a bit. As you say sir “Perfect kabhi thoda perfect ya jyada perfect nahi hota. .... perfect, perfect hota hai” N this place is perfect.

Alisha Bhutada

Fulorian , 2014

(B. Arch, VNIT college, Nagpur)


Joshi sir,

First of all thank you for everything. Maza first day hya fulor madhla and aaj maza last day..... Ha purna pravas khup-ach chhan zala. . tumhi mala dileli sath.. nehamich dileli information, guidance sagala kamat aala and pudhe yenarch ..mazya 1st day ch drawing  and aatachya drawing madhe khup fark zala.mazya force and lines wadhalya, mazi sheding improve zali .. Fulor madhe yayla kadhich kantala aala nahi .haan aata khup practice zali mhanun thaklo . But fulor nehmi vegla padla means better than any other tution.. Tumhi nehmi aamha sagla provide kele..aamchya sathi  saglya goshti aanya  (provide) kelya.tumhi nehami badltya kala sobat chalya mule kahi sangnyachi garaj nahi padli aamhala. ...sachin sir, mam  sagale khup chan aahet.. khup help keli tyani aamchi...

SUGGESTION :- Sir, tumhi jashe aahat and fulor academy jashi aahe tashi perfect aahe... Ek friendly environment aahe ithe je amhala saglyana aawala. Baki tumhi new goshti aantatach.

  I hope mi tumchy expentation purna karun dakhevl.

  I hope  I will Thank you ones  again.

your’s faithfully, 

Shweta Pasarkar        

23 April 2015

( Amhala Kadhich visru naka)

(B. Arch, LAD college, Nagpur)


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It is the best place to become a true artist ...to overcome d weaknesses in us...N reallu a very nice experience

Alisha Bhutada

Best place to explore ur creativity.... I was a bud of creativity n now I have grown to a little flower of creativity.....

Its an outstanding place to boon our talent ........and this is possible bcuz of u sir !!!! Tnk u so much for all ur guidance

Rachna Gandhi 

It is the best platform to improve skills & all the techniques which are useful for entrance as well as our whole career. It is one of the best experience in my life.