* Our Teaching Method & Process *

------------- Seats : 25 seats available per batch (Admission is on First come first basis) -------------

Hostel : Hostel Facility is available for outstation students. Hostel facility is available near institute.


List of materials required for entrance exam preparation

• A4 size papers

•Pencils (B,2B, 4B, 6B,8B,EE)

•Scale, Cutter, Sharpener, Eraser

•Black and Blue ball point pen

•Sketch pen-red and black (thin and thick)

•Ear bud or paper bud

•Stadelier water soluble pencil/ Faber Castel


F. A. Q.

Q. - What was last year’s result of Fulor ?

A. – 100 % result for B.Des, NIFT and NATA

Q. - Who have compiled the course Contents of coaching at Fulor ?

A. – Fulor Course contents are compiled by Expert, Ex Faculties or Alumni in design Schools and industry.

Q. – Is 25 days coaching beneficial for students ?

A. - Last year all students have got selected in NATA from Fulor. 17 Students were from outstation who had attended 25 days coaching programme in Fulor Academy ( NATA CRASH COURSE) at Amravati, Maharashtra located in central India. Students from Maharashtra and other regions of India also joined Fulor NATA CLASSES. They had completed exam preparation in 25 Days at Fulor design academy

Name of Students from Outstation who joined classroom coaching.

2014 students

1. Mandar Chaudhari

2. Radhika Pajgade (Nagpur)

3 Bhumika Akre ( Wardha)

4. Vishakha Gondali (Gadchiroli)

5. Parimal Sharma (Paratwada)

6. Shubham Verulkar (Nandura)

7. Mayur Vinchurkar (Nandura)

8. Shubham Vanore (Nandura)

9. Vaishnavi Raut (Paratwada)

10. Prani Bhoot (Indore) 

11. Snehal Bijawe (Dhamangaon)

12 Shivani Dahake (Karanja)

13 Achal Luula (Paratwada)

14 Anagha Ingloe (Washim)

15. Ashutosh Sharma (Paratwada)

16. Vaishnavi Maloo (Paratwada) - joined long course

17 Shubhada Nandanwar (Paratwada) -    joined long course

Q. – Why I should join Fulor ; There are many coaching institutes in my City ?

A-Yes, every city has coaching classes. But when we talk about results of coaching classes, we find best results and performing students only from Fulor.  You can also compare Fulor students with other coaching institute and then decide.

Q. –Is there any difference between Fulor Regular course and Fulor Crash Course ?

A. - There is difference in the practice period of regular course and crash course. In long course you will get more knowledge related to designing. which is useful for you in future academic and career. That practise will develop your design thinking. You will get time to become perfect. Crash course is focused to entrance exam only hence you have to do maximum practice with our guidance 

Q. – If there is no difference in long and crash course content then why join and waste my time in long course ?

A. - Many institutes in India run crash course or regular course of same duration. Fulor is ahead and different from them. Others only gives you exam knowledge and tips to pass exam. Fulor gives you more than that. Fulor gives you creative and design thinking skill, teach basic in designing. Experience in Outdoor sketching and landscape, model making, rendering which will help you much more in future . If you think ,   

is this beneficial ?, then read below fb post of our students. This list is big, below are some of them only.


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