Erasers for performing NATA,NID,NIFT drawing test

Piyush Joshi
30.01.20 04:56 PM Comment(s)

Eraser plays very important role in your exam. Erasers are work speed breakers in design exams like NATA, NID, NIFT and etc. How many times you erase your drawing? Maximum use of eraser decrease your drawing quality and speed also. Erasers are making invisible strokes on paper!!! Normally people depends eraser when they occur mistakes while drawing with graphite pencils. But an artist utilize eraser as a tool to fine tune his art. Both the pencil and eraser have equal importance to finalize a black and white output, But in proper way. Here are certain types of erasers recommend for attending NATA, NID, NIFT drawing test.

Rubber Eraser: Commonly available standard eraser. It is widely used for erasing graphite mark on paper.Natural or synthetic rubber systematically heated with pumice, pigments, sulfur, vegetable oils and other ingredients to make this eraser. Rubber erasers are working based on its frictional property. When you erase a graphite stroke on a paper, the substance in the erased gently scratch the surface of the paper to loosen the graphite particles. The sticking property of the eraser grabs the graphite particle on paper. The quality of eraser is depends upon the quality of material used for manufacturing.

Kneaded Eraser: It lifts graphite and most other drawing materials from the paper surface. It has a deformable solid state like moistened clay so push and lift action is recommended instead of rubbing on paper. It can be distorted into desirable shapes and It is more comfortable to remove the specific stroke or quantity of unnecessary materials from the paper

This eraser is made with synthetic rubber known as styrene-butadiene. The rubber undergoes nearly 800 degrees fahrenheit and adding chemicals to create primary solutions. Later it treated with soap, water and catalyst for the final product. Any how… I like this eraser  even though it gets dirty while erasing over time.

Gum Eraser: It is a non-abrasive dry cleaner and is known as crumbler. It has a gummy texture and looks like a luminous crystal.It is made from synthetic or natural rubber compound treated with corn oil vulcanized.

It works due to surface friction and crumbles itself while erasing the unwanted marks.
This erasers are softer than other errors and is used for large area application. It is not suitable for erasing fine lines and details. It may be used for charcoal marks and its various blends. It is good for practicing artwork seriously but im not recommend it for NATA drawing test.
Vinyl or Plastic Eraser: It is the toughest eraser of of this category. Normally available in white colour. We can use it for erasing almost anything on paper even color pencil mark or ink. But very careful when using this eraser on paper because there is chance for tearing the paper while rubbing. It is difficult to understand the difference between rubber eraser and a vinyl eraser while shopping. So the candidates facing NATA drawing test make sure that the eraser that you are having with you is not a Vinyl eraser

Piyush Joshi