Creativity is not a hobby

Piyush Joshi
21.07.15 05:49 PM Comment(s)

My child is not creative because he can't draw a regular biology diagrams. He asks many questions, Open the toys and play with it, I think, he is creative.

“Mujhe mobile ka nahi samjha to me usko hi bulata hu...”

Parents think that pupil can't draw a good drawing so he is not creative or he is curious so he is creative. Practically both are wrong. Creativity is wide a term. You can't define it in anyone on this symptom. Now, creativity is recognised as a practical skill, one which can be taught and which everyone can achieve. It is a way of thinking in which we look at familiar things with a fresh eye, examine a problem with an open mind. Creativity is very useful in daily life though who may be housewife or CEO.  In rat race of career this quality is very useful to achieve success. Creativity improves the achievement of learners.

Nursery and primary students are more creative because they don't know logic and science behind the happening in daily life.  Once they know it class by class they stopped open thinking and only finds the logical answers of questions from books or now a day they google and confused with so many results. Every parent or teacher wants only right answers which got star marks, a different answer or possibilities don't, be accepted in classrooms. Creativity is bound only with art periods. It is not accepted in science and in other subjects. Some schools give activities on this title but many times it is a stereotype or parents don't allow time for it. They say that student has more important work than this. 

“ Ye sab karega to padhai kab karega”

The challenge for educators is to nourish and develop children's natural creativity, not ruined it.

There are many approaches that can help practitioners promote creativity in their learners.

  Parent want that their ward becomes most successful in career but it is possible only when they will do some differently.

Creativity is way of thinking... makes it habit not a hobby.


-  Piyush Joshi


Piyush Joshi