By: Piyush Joshi | July 21, 2015

My child is not creative because he can't draw a regular biology diagrams. He asks many questions, Open the toys and play with it, I think, he is creative.

“Mujhe mobile ka nahi samjha to me usko hi bulata hu...”

Parents think that pupil can't draw a good drawing so he is not creative or he is curious so he is creative. Practically both are wrong. Creativity is wide a term. You can't define it in anyone on this symptom. Now, creativity is recognised as a practical skill, one which can be taught and which everyone can achieve. It is a way of thinking in which we look at familiar things with a fresh eye, examine a problem with an open mind. Creativity is very useful in daily life though who may be housewife or CEO.  In rat race of career this...